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10 best #beach on #lombok island #indonesia

10 best #beach on #lombok island #indonesia - writer team: paket wisata lombok and also lombok property with totally support by les privat mataram and les privat denpasar bali - However Most Beautiful in Lombok Island Senggigi seashore lombok is the purpose of a tour many foreign tourists are Talking about Lombok island tour was never is never ending landscape,,tour,of indigenous peoples,special culinary etc. But this time I will discuss tour on the beach senggigi seashore. Senggigi seashore tourism place is one of the most famous in Lombok, which is located in the west Lombok island coast, As top tourist destinations in Lombok,and access to,if you start from the airport Lombok bias a distance of about less higher 2jam. Tour packages to Lombok senggigi seashore beach lombok Senggigi seashore that When he visited there in Lombok Island this may need to be made its own tour agenda for tourists who love nature beauty and coolness (data : paket wisata lombok and tour lombok also paket wisata lombok and paket tour lombok can found with mutiara lombok will inform you about harga mutiara) . When entering the area, however, the tourists with will soon be swept away by semilir gentle breeze along the coast clusters in Lombok Barat, the Province West Nusa Tenggara. The atmosphere fresh, comfortable, and beautiful as if it greets tourists at the beginning his visit. When he was on the coastal area, asian tourists will be served by a background by feel the exoticism, however the enchantment of wave that compete with each other, white sands that area which, and thousands small animal which is spread in a wide expanse-dune beach resort called, and landscape Gunung Agung on the island that small warong that (Island of Bali) (data : mutiara lombok and harga mutiara including paket wisata lombok and lombok tour with social media on mutiara lombok videos with harga mutiara) . For tourists who visited Senggigi seashore, take your time to observe temple stones at noon. When Senggigi seashore stroll along the coast, more or less about half an hour, tourists will find a temple built on coral, which is located on the coastal area. Pretending that the people have names Pura stones at noon. According to the legend, in the distant past pura is often held sacrifice of a virgin, as offering food to Sharks that live on the beach. Other legends say, pretending it is also a place where the women immersed herself into the sea because broken heart (data: perhiasan mutiara can you detect on jual mutiara and mutiara lombok videos with harga mutiara). CULINARY SENGGIGI SEASHORE LOMBOK When tourists hungry after the trip Senggigi seashore enjoy the beauty, tourists can try to delicacy various dishes/offering typical food Lombok in restaurants lining the coast in neat. Price is quite varied,from the cheap price until the expensive in accordance with the desires tourists. Not less interesting; And tourists not to forget to try cuisine Lombok, Chicken Danau Rawa (Swamp) Taliwang and Plecing water spinach. Almost every restaurant in, However Senggigi seashore, or in Lombok in general, provides grain offering food, these. While eating Chicken Danau Rawa (Swamp) Taliwang or Plecing water spinach, tourists will be entertained by art, in the form of Lombok'music and dance. Even if not have any objection, visitors are also can participate dancing with joy and family atmospheres in the nuance map lombok map Accomodation. Senggigi seashore in Lombok and other facilities In the air Senggigi seashore there are many lodging option can be made in accordance with the needs and wishes you. Star hotels from, budget hotel, resort to lodging. A place to stay Some that can be made as an alternative is Holiday Inn, the Oberoi, Sheraton Senggigi seashore, jasmine Two Cottages, Pool Villa Club, Panorama Cottage, and others. In addition, in the coastal region was also found restaurant, cafe, bar, open market, a row stalls souvenirs, a place for praying, toilet, parking area, and others. Senggigi seashore is, however indonesia that are worthy to be made as the venue for beach tourism. A post me about senggigi seashore lombok. Articles Related to Senggigi seashore Lombok, Lombok Marlion tours travels is the most reliable travel agent in Lombok property

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